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Andy Lamy's Irish Clarinet Tour: August 2016
Visiting Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland. With performances and radio appearances!

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“The New Blackthorn Stick” is the first ever Irish traditional clarinet album, featuring clarinetist Andrew Lamy performing dance sets and lyrical airs in both solo and group instrumental combinations. The album co-features the master musicians who taught and inspired Andrew in his pursuit of adding the voice of the clarinet to Irish traditional music.

"If you are a classical music follower and you don't know the guest artists on the album, look them up—you'll LOVE what you hear! These are not so much colleagues of mine as friendly superstars, teachers, and guides—all willing collaborators in the effort to add the voice of clarinet to the Irish traditional music—yet without altering the essential character, phrasing and regional styles, fitting in to the traditions 'as we got them,' so to speak—open-minded and adventuresome souls, to a one!"

—Andy Lamy on the guest artists of “The New Blackthorn Stick” Irish traditional Clarinet album. 

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  1. Jigs: Felix Gone Fishing/Tell Her I Am/Tom Billy's Jig - 4:51
  2. Reels: Tommy Coen’s (The Cottage in the Glen)/Poll an Mhadra Uisce (The Otter's Holt)/The Lame Fisherman - 3:34
  3. Jigs: Gallagher's Frolics/Paddy Taylor’s/The Mist on the Meadow (John Joe Gardiner’s) - 4:00
  4. Slow Air: Tiarna Mhaigh Eo (Lord Mayo) - 6:08
  5. Slip Jigs: The Echo of Carrowkeel/The Cock and the Hen (Cathal McConnell’s)/Hardiman the Fiddler - 3:40
  6. Reels: Tom Steele's/The Lads of Laois/The First Month of Summer - 3:23
  7. Hornpipes: The Fiddling Barrister/Galway Bay/The Banks - 4:48
  8. Jigs: High Part of the Road/Monk's Jig/Queen of the Fair - 4:04
  9. Reels: The Jug of Punch/Mrs. MacDonald of Clanranald (Bill Lamey's)/The Repeal of the Union - 4:01
  10. Slow Air: An Feochán (The Gentle Breeze) - 4:58
  11. Reel: Rogha Fhinn Mhic Chumhaill (Finn McCoul's Favorite) - 4:51
  12. Hornpipes: Caisleán an Óir (Castle of Gold)/New Century/Flowers of Spring - 4:25
  13. Reels: The Blackthorn Stick/The Green Mountain/The Red-Haired Lass - 3:05
  14. Song: Come By The Hills, with Donie Carrol - 3:48
  15. Reels: Connaught Heifers/Mountain Lark/Green Branch/Green Linnet - 3:07
  16. Jigs: Lila MacIsaac’s Favorite/Neil Doherty’s Jig/ The Ship in Full Sail - 3:39
  17. Highlands & Reels: The Low Highland/Duncan Davidson's Highland/The Wild Irishman/Dinky Dorrian’s Reel - 4:40